Seagate GoFlex Net : Installing Rescue System

After installing Debian using the install script on Jeff Doozan’s page, the stock PogoPlug OS fails to boot on a GoFlex Net even though it works perfectly on a Dockstar or PogoPlug Device. So the alternative is to install Jeff’s Rescue System on the GoFlex Net, but the default installation fails to boot as well

Seagate GoFlex Net : Serial Connection

If your GoFlex Net is no longer booting cause you made some change you will probably need to establish a serial connection to troubleshoot the problem. For this you need a serial adapter, but the GoFlex Net uses 3.3 V TTL levels so do not connect your PC’s serial connector to the device as its

Boot debian from SATA – Seagate GoFlex Net

This how-to assumes that you have a working Debian installation on a USB drive. If not check Jeff’s site on how to install debian Squeeze on the GoFlex Net. Once you have installed debian and have verified everything is working fine, we can go ahead with the modifications. It would be a good idea to

How-To Configure Seagate FreeAgent Dockstar as a 3G Gateway

This how-to explains how to configure a Seagate Dockstar running Debian to establish a 3G connection using a USB data card like the Huawei E122 / UMG181 etc and configure it to act as a gateway so that the internet can be shared with the other devices connected to the network. You need to have

HostGator Web Hosting – Black Friday Promotion – Upto 80% Off

HostGator is running a CRAZY promotion for Black Friday which will go live in about 24 hours from now. It would be the best time to get a hosting account with one of the best shared hosts. So here are the details of their Black Friday 2010 Special Offer on November 26th: 50% OFF EVERYTHING

Asianet Dataline Auto Login

Asianet had migrated to a new system Mettle Wire few months back and here is how you can set up the Auto Login for night downloads. For this you need the following Python ( Download ) JIT Scheduler ( Download ) Login Script ( Download ) – Thanks to Vijayaraj V R First install Python

Is your laptop adapter dead?

Recently my HP 6510b laptop’s adapter died, actually the connector had some loose connections so it wasn’t charging properly. I tried many local repair shops to see if there was a replacement connector available, it uses a 7.4 mm x 5.0 mm connector with a central pin, but it wasn’t available anywhere. A new HP

.COM Domain for FREE – 1and1 is conducting a free .com domain promotion. You can get a .com domain absolutely free. There are no promo codes or coupons needed, just visit their site and place the order. There is a limit of 1 domain per customer, also it may take 4-5 days for your domain to be active as they

GuruPlug Server Plus – Unboxing

Two weeks back I got the GuruPlugs that I ordered in April Here are the pics   Total damages for the two plugs 305 USD + 37 USD (Shipping) = 342 USD ~ 15000 INR and they also charged 15% Duty + Service Charges ~ 2500 INR So final cost 8750 INR per plug.

Cheap Replacement Housing for Nokia E51

The side and power button of my E51 had been completely worn out after just 1 year of usage. The quality of the buttons is really bad. Anyway I was looking for replacement buttons and I came across a listing in eBay for the complete housing including keypad, front cover, back plate etc for about