Asianet Dataline Night Unlimited & Auto Login

Here are the updated instructions for Asianet Dataline Auto Login – Thanks to Vasu d' evan

Step 1: Download and install Firefox –>

Step 2: Download and install Firefox add-on “Secure Login” –>

Step 3: After installing the add-on, open fiefox and in the address bar type “about:config” which will take you to the Firefox configuration settings after you click the “I will be careful, I promise!” warning.

Now, in the filter box you type “secureLogin”, which will give you the settings for the add-on, here you change the “” value to “true” by double-clicking it. In this way the username and password saved by you would be automatically used by “secure login” to login to your ADL account.

Step 4: Open the ADL login page (mine is “”) and type in your username & password to login. Secure login will check if you want it to remember the password, say Yes! (This method works even without the secure login add-on, however, I found secure login to be useful and makes life all the more easier)

Step 5: Download and install the Firefox add-in “Reload Every” –>

Step 6: After installing Reload Every navigate to the ADL login address, secure login will automatically log you in. Now using the Reload Every, you can simply “refresh” the login, i.e., you can set Firefox to send the same information again after a specified time-interval (I prefer 5 mins)

Note: When activated, Reload Every immediately asks whether you would like to resend info (click on RESEND). Unlike other WebPages being refreshed, when refreshing the login page of ADL, you are asking Firefox to resend your Login info (POST DATA). Thus, Reload Every checks back (after the initial time interval specified by you, 5 min in my case), whether you are ok with this. Once you click on YES, it will work perfectly fine from then on.

Step 7: Reload Every fails sometimes if it does not get enough bandwidth/memory allocation. Thus to ensure that it works smoothly, set your max download speed to a little less than your actual max. speed. For example I have a max. speed of 29-30 kbps for downloads. So in my Bit Torrent client, I set a max download speed of “25 kBps”. This ensures that Reload Every works perfectly fine and I am never disconnected.

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