Is your laptop adapter dead?

Recently my HP 6510b laptop’s adapter died, actually the connector had some loose connections so it wasn’t charging properly. I tried many local repair shops to see if there was a replacement connector available, it uses a 7.4 mm x 5.0 mm connector with a central pin, but it wasn’t available anywhere.

A new HP Original Adapter costs 1.8k to 2.5k and I wasn’t willing to spend that much for a simple connector problem. So I was checking eBay and saw this replacement adapter for my laptop for about $10 only. Anyway ordered it and I got it really fast i.e. within 12 days Hong Kong to India by Normal Airmail.

IMG_3343 IMG_3344 IMG_3351 IMG_3354

The adapter looks just like the HP Original one and is working fine. So if your adapter is dead, check eBay for cheap replacement adapters.

I also found a seller who is selling the 7.4 mm x 5.5 mm connector and ordered two including the cable. The two cables alone came to $10 shipped. I received that too few days back, will be installing it shortly on the old adapter. :)

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