Asianet Dataline Auto Login

Asianet had migrated to a new system Mettle Wire few months back and here is how you can set up the Auto Login for night downloads.

For this you need the following

First install Python to a location of your choice ( I used C:\login\Python ) Next extract the login script to C:\login. Open the login script with a text editor like Notepad and update the username and password. Do not use Microsoft Word as it may alter the file.

Now open JIT Scheduler and click the ‘New’ task button on top and enter the details as shown in the images below to login automatically at the specified time. Also repeat the process every 5 minutes in case you are automatically logged out by the system.

adl_1 adl_2 adl_3

You may need to update the command in the first image depending on the location you installed Python and where you extracted the login script.

adl_4 After creating the task, right click on the task and select ‘Task Properties’ and change the option in Window to Minimized in the System menu as shown in picture so that login script is run in the background.

Now you need to create another task to shutdown the system at 8 AM and can be done as shown below.

adl_5 adl_6

If you are facing any problems, leave a comment.